Nyheder til freaks og andre hanhunde.... Underholdning mens du venter på dine downloads! Her vil du finde alt og intet. Ting som HELT sikkert ikke er værd at gemme eller huske. Spil, babes, teknik, tips og software. fix[snabela]fixxx.dk

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Tja, hvorfor ikke, men lige nu er det bare en sags tale, der er ikke rigtig nogen rigtig info i denne pressemeddelelse.
BILLUND, DENMARK - June 7, 2007 - The LEGO(R) Group today announced LEGO Universe as the official title for the upcoming MMOG being developed by NetDevil(R) to further engage the company?s dedicated and active community. LEGO Universe, currently planned for launch in the fourth quarter of 2008, is designed as the first MMOG professionally developed for LEGO fans and supported by community members from around the world.

"LEGO Universe ties together all aspects of our community and line of products in an online environment that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages," said Mark William Hansen, Director of Business Development, LEGO Universe. "By merging the online world of social interaction with the LEGO concept of play, LEGO Universe will provide our community with an entirely new way to experience LEGO and connect with other players in a fun and imaginative setting."

The full-featured MMOG will be complete with character advancement, expansive social and community features, and will provide a child-safe alternative to other MMOGs on the market. As a player, you'll be able to customize your mini-figs and interact in the universe as any character you choose, providing unique opportunities for players to expand and explore with their creations.

"LEGO Universe is being built as a place where fans and community members can discover nearly unlimited play possibilities," said Ryan Seabury, NetDevil Lead Producer on LEGO Universe. "Given the strength of the LEGO community, a large part of bringing the game to life will be working hand in hand with them to ensure that the core values of creativity, connectivity, and imagination are reflected in the end product."

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